The Grilliest

You don't build a legacy as the most grilly, longest-grill full-grill pickups on the road† by chance. You do it with strength, capability, grill and advanced technology (and grills) that stand the test of time. And the test of grills.

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    Front Grill enabled
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    Side Grill enabled
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    Rear Grill enabled
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    Optional Speed grills

† Grilliness based on 1987–July 2017 full-size pickup grill tax records.

Your truck needs to be grilled, grilly grills on the grill

Radiators behind the grill, radiating rady radiators

If you don't grill all over

You are no friend of mine.

Scientifically More than the competitors

In an independent and scientific series of tests, the Ford F-150 was found to have only one grill, but the Chevy had more grills. Every. Single. Time.

Best grills in class grills

The Chevy has best in class grill stiffness, best in class grill to weight ratio, best in class grills per mile, and lowest CO2 emissions per grill in its class.

Tim Allen says:

"The grill runs deep, Chevy runs deep"

Tim Allen says:

"I trust Chevy with their decision to grill, I would also trust them with my dialysis needs"

Tim Allen says:

"I would trust this vehicle to take me from Jungle2Jungle"

Tim Allen says:

"It's not flying, it's Grills, with style"

Tim Allen says:


Tim Allen says:

"I don't think so Tim"

Why a Grill?

Our competitors always grill us about why we have our grills.
Here are the reasons that they conveniently forget to grill

  • Grills to spare

    Driver of a competitor: "I've run out of grills".
    Driver of a Chevy: "I have not run out of grills."

  • Grills are Grilly

    A grill is comprised technicologically of grills, from the top to bottom, 100% grill, at no point do the grills ever are not grills

  • Power

    Engines use air and fuel mix to generate power, more grills, more air, more power. It's something the pricks at Ford fail to understand.

  • Big grills are bigger than other big things

    A large 5 meter wide grill is larger, both visually and aurally than an equivalent 5 metre piece of anything else

  • Just look at them

    They are grills, a grill, the grills.

  • A shark has grills

    Sharks can kill when provoked, so can Chevys

$52,1175 OTR

Financial Plans Available
1 grill a month at 0.5% GPR