Allie came down the stairs, stiff and yawning through the dark, and walked towards the fridge, she opened the fridge and got the cheese.

Soon after Jamie came down even stiffer and yawns.

Allie turned around with the cheese in one hand and knife in another; 'you know for like for 9 or so seasons we used to have the most incredible plot driven lives, with those amazing conversations and adventures and drama, now a few years later all that ever fucking happens is I come down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to eat some cheese, in fact... all I can ever fucking remember is coming down to the kitchen in the middle of the night, have I actually done anything else?'

Jamie -still half asleep- shrugs.

Allie knocks the table with the cheese as she gestures wildly; 'What did I do today, see? You don't remember, because all I ever do, all I ever fuckingy do now is come down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and eat some cheese'

Jamie opens one eye fully and gawps; 'yeah that's right!... I, I think ever since that day, where all those loose ends got tied up in the space of an hour, and our children found great jobs and partners and stuff. All I remember since then is you going down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and eating some cheese'

The colour drained from Allie's face and she gulps, places the cheese and knife down; 'So it's true, I just, I just thought....' she leaned against the counter. 'I'm not crazy then, this is actually what is happening'

Jamie furrowed his eyebrows; 'what was up with that day where everything got tied up, something happened there'

Allie pointed both her fingers at the day; 'Yes, yes it was that day, that daaaay. Everything seemed so happy, like a happy...'

Jamie leaned against the counter too, 'A happy ending'

'Is a happy ending when happiness ends?' Allie went to the living room couch. She flopped down and stared at the ceiling.

Jamie sat on the recliner beside the couch and laid back and stared out the window, a rubbish lorry flashed between street lights. 'I guess happy endings are sad beginnings'.

Allie kicked the armrests; 'No one thinks about what happens after the happy ending, we never did, even after living through it... for years after we just went about our lives, without realising it was an ENDING. Without realising I've just been eating cheese in the midDLE OF THE NIGHT FOR 7 YEARS, FUCKING SEVEN YEARS'

Jamie stayed still, staring out. '...what do we do now?'

The song of a bird confused by the street lights started to ring.

Allie sat straight up, went to the kitchen and started eating the cheese and grinned as the fat dripped off her chins.

It was another happy ending.