You are perched vigorously on a heavily designed public bench, betwixt solidly trimmed hedges and abstract lighting features.

You are modulating the perpetual sigh falling out of your throat, like a never ending shepard's tone.

You consider breaking the monotony with a planned accidental public interaction with a member of the public, but predictions of total bewilderment and dismissal start to skip across your view.

You say NO, the NO washes away from you, riding on the cascading sigh.

"What's wrong?" words that are not your own are sounded.

You look to your right and see a person, you refuse to describe them.

The person sits down on the bench and realigns themselves to the ground level.

The person says "kokakekakekekkerin"

You look at them.

They say, this time smoother, slippier, "kokakekakekekkerin"

They explain their mission: "I am trying to find the most satisfying word to say"

"But that's not a word" You point your shoulders at them.

They lean on their knees, "that's just semantics"

"That's not a word either", you straighten your shins.

They get up and mutter. "Look, you are either fur us or agunst us"

Suddenly your sigh me a river stopped and your mouth felt engulfed in a crisp still fresh lake, milky white with moonlight and the milk of a downed milk tanker. You lift your upper lip over your lower and out comes


Short sharp satisfied "MMM"s start to emanate from your face, and you bop your head.

The person lands on their forearms "It's pretty good isn't it? Except try not saying 'HYPHEN' between the syllables"

"KOKAKEKAKEKEKERIN" "OHHHH OHHH" You dizzy off the bench, and land on quivering bricks, you feel intense vertigo and whatever is the opposite of vertigo at the same time.

You finally find sea level again, except the person is now gone, you look around desperately for this miracle person with their miracle word.

Dejected you look down at the ground and notice you have been standing on their hips the whole time.

They thrust you off them and you land in the hedge, saved from hitting the ground by 14 branches wedged into your mouth cavity.

You muffle between the branches "GOGAGEGAGEGEGERIN" and suddenly the hedge shivers with a minty snap.

The person sucks behind you "you've found a better one!", they stand on the bench and shout "GOGAGEGAGEGEGERIN"

"NO NO NO" they shake their ears and look at the hedge. They swan dive head first into the hedge, mouth wide open and wedge 14 branches into their mouth.

"GOGAGEGAGEGEGERIN" you feel their voice buzz through the branches, buzz through your bones, dear god.

You both spend weeks laying by the hedge rolling like a loose can on the top floor of a double decker bus.

You still see them in the area occasionally, finding things to wedge in their mouth, they are still looking for more satisfying words, but you are happy with what you already have.

'This'll do.' you say.

'This'll do until when.'

When what?